The Woodland Trust

Wormley Wood is situated between Cheshunt to the south and Hoddeston, to the north.
The bench is in the south west area of the Wood and once into the Wood there are coloured posts to follow. The bench is beside one of these well defined woodland paths.

The challenge is to get into Wormley Wood!

Although the [attached] map shows two Public access points in reality these are not accessable. In fact the path leading from the roadway to St Lawrence farm is ‘strictly NO ENTRY’! We couldn’t find the access north of Tanfield Farm either. It is somewhere behind a housing estate and so parking would be an issue.

On the eastern side of the Wood there are few roads and all these are
‘private’ leading to farms or studs. On the western side there are no roads or pathways.

The way in for us was from White Stubbs Lane on the northern boundary of Wormley Wood. There are two car parks, both with good board/maps and picnic tables. We used the more westerly of the two. Both are shown on the map but, strangely neither is designated a Public Access Point. See large blue dot now placed on the map.

The easier way to White Stubbs Lane is via Newgate Street, just a village which can be accessed itself from the A1000, Hatfield to Potters Bar road, signposted right if travelling north.

Once in the Wood you will need good walking shoes and allow an hour to the bench. It is a lovely Wood in all seasons with small wood bridges across streams in small valleys, and many different paths. There are a variety of tree types and the Coal Post is of interest.

You will probably need to sit down when you get there! The location is excellent. Behind the bench is an open area before the denser woodland and in front there is a path joining the main one, left and right. It has an open feel about it as the photos reveal.

I think B&P would approve!

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